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The entire month of April is dedicated to raising awareness for Autism and the staff at Florida Autism Center of Excellence has planned some fun activities to promote autism awareness, as well as raise funds to enhance the programs we currently offer at FACE. Here is an overview of the month. All events and fundraisers will be explained in the following paragraphs:

Week 1: Light It Up Blue

Week 2: Spirit Week

Week 3: Student Potluck Lunch

Week 4: Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism


4/2/14 Light it up Blue: Light It Up Blue

The Annual Autism Awareness Day is on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  To celebrate, we will be participating in the “Light it up Blue” campaign, to help shine light on Autism.  Please support this initiative by wearing blue, having your child wear blue, and encouraging others to do the same.  We will also spend about ten minute “lighting it up blue” where each class will have something to release, throw or shake that is blue.


4/2/14 Pennies for Autism begins:

PennyDo you have spare change lying around the house? Why not bring it to FACE? Classrooms will be competing to see which class brings in the most amount of change. Classrooms will be measuring, graphing, counting, and comparing the money that is raised in their classroom. The classroom with the most amount of change will be awarded a party of their choice.


4/7/14-4/11/14 Sprit Week:

o Monday- Together Everyone Accomplishes More!!- Wear clothes from a sports team

o Tuesday- Walk in the Footsteps of LEADERS!!- Dress like a celebrity/ historical figure

o Wednesday- We are WILD about the uniqueness of individuals with autism!! – Wild hair day

o Thursday- HATS off to Autism!! – Wear your favorite hat

o Friday- Help make DREAMS come true!! – Pajama day     


4/17/2014 Student Potluck Lunch:

We will hold a potluck lunch in honor of our students and family! Each class will have a game set up for students to participate in.  We are asking that parents bring in a dish to share.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in the office as time gets closer.  The potluck lunch will be held at 12PM at the park located in the baseball fields next to our campus.


4/26/2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks:

Please sign up to be part of our Team FACE for the April 26th Autism Speaks Walk.

This year the walk will be held at Raymond James Stadium. It will begin at 10:30am.  Check-in will start at 9AM.  We will have a booth set up at the Resource Fair and provide face painting.  If you would like to make donations to TEAM FACE-Pasco  please do so through the online website listed above. Please note that Autism Speaks, not FACE, is the recipient of donations submitted online.

We are very excited about all of the events we will be hosting in April. It is a great way to build awareness for our FACE program. Please be sure to mark your calendars with the dates listed above. Thank you for your support!